Dinamo Visual Lab has been conceived as a platform to learn photography that works as a mobile laboratory where students can experiment with images. It is born from the evolution and transformation of Blank Paper School, a move that is rooted in the need to generate intense pedagogical experiences, and in the desire to create a new vibrating space in which authors have the freedom to grow autonomously.

Structured along a series of flexible and intensive formats that call for action, Dinamo is designed to endow students with the freedom to develop their creative abilities in places other than the ones the courses take place in.

Our goal is to step out of traditional teaching structures and adopt a method that is connected to different international spaces, entities, collectives and authors who are currently living their most creative moments.

Fosi Vegue

Photographer and teacher. He founded Blank Paper School in 2006, and now he is giving shape to this new project, by teaching and designing pedagogical content.

Miren Pastor

Photographer and cultural catalyst. After studying at Blank Paper School, she became its coordinator, started organising its cultural activities and took care of communication. Within Dinamo, she is in charge of communicating and coordinating projects.

Michele Tagliaferri

Photographer, teacher and Software Enggineer. He studied two years at Blank Paper School and is a teacher there since 2010. He takes care of the development of all web-related projects.

Federico Clavarino

Photographer and teacher. He studied at Blank Paper School and shortly after started teaching there. He is also our connection with international realities.

Bonifacio Barrio Hijosa

Cultural manager and organiser of photobook-related events. He has always worked with Blank Paper School's library. He organised the first book-jockey sessions and also helps with the communication.

Cecilia Vegue

Object collector. She was in charge of the administration of Blank Paper School, and worked as a bridge between teachers and students. Following this experience, she will now be in charge of performing this same task at Dinamo.

Teachers and guests

Competent teachers and specialists will guide each project. You can access further information about the teachers’ backgrounds in the areas dedicated to each course.

Fosi Vegue
Photographer and teacher
Federico Clavarino
Photographer and teacher
Michele Tagliaferri
Photographer, teacher and web developer
Miren Pastor
Photographer and cultural catalyst
José Otero
Artist and teacher
Iván del Rey de La Torre
Teacher and video maker
Sonia Berger
Dalpine publisher
Víctor Garrido
La Troupe pre-press technician and photo retoucher
Gonzalo Golpe
Independent editor
Alberto Salván
Graphic designer
Nicolás Reyners
Graphic designer
Nicolás Combarro
Photographer and exhibition curator
Aritz González
Architect and exhibition designer
Daniel Blaufuks
Visual artist
Cristina de Middel
Horacio Fernández
Curator and Photography historian
Emilia van Lynden
Unseen Artistic Director
Daria Tuminas
Unseen Book Market
Alejandro Marote
Visual artist
André Cepeda
António Júlio Duarte
Tiago Casanova
Visual artist
Pedro Guimarães

Design: Tres Tipos Gráficos

Web: Michele Tagliaferri

Drawings: Cecilia Vegue